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The OnFrame structural framing systems is designed to allow connections between standard structural steel tube or extruded aluminum tube without welding or the need for external hardware. The OnFrame system is comprised of a simple hub or OFHUB and a mid span connector or OFMS.

The OFHUB provides a unique method for attaching structural tube in up to 5 directions. Using the OnFrame system it is possible to erect large structural frames using only a 9/16″ wrench. Each connection has a pull out strength greater than 4000 pounds making the resulting frame very strong and economical to build.

Each OFHUB will allow connection to be made in up to 5 directions. A typical corner is a three way connection where a center point connection in a grid pattern is a five way as shown below.

Mid-span attachments are also possible using the OFMS connector. A mid-span connection is shown below.