Re-imagine the possibilities

We build products that make your products better.

Creative yet practical innovation 

OnFlow Systems offers consulting services and products that are tailored to the needs of the fan and air handling industries. Our engineers have 80 years combined experience developing new technology that changes the way we do business and creates better, more efficient cost-effective solutions.

Purpose driven product development

OND Dampers for Fan and Array Systems

Designed to automatically prevent air recirculation in fans. Includes blade and perimeter seals for low leakage when closed. Completely stops fan wheel rotation.

Fan Selection Software 

Web based fan performance selection software 


The OnFrame structural framing systems is designed to allow connections between standard structural steel tube or extruded aluminum tube without welding or the need for external hardware. 


OnFlow will work with you to establish product goals and milestones from budgeting to design concepts and production. We look at a wide range of options to ensure ideal performance and value.

Consulting Services

Air performance and acoustic modeling.
Acoustical specifications and testing.
Vibration specifications and testing.

About our Team

Larry Hopkins P.E. has more than 30 years experience in the HVAC industry, he has held the positions of VP of Engineering at PACE Co., President of Cleanpak International, Vice President of Engineering at Huntair and co-founder and VP of Research and Development at Basx Solutions. In each business Larry led product development efforts in several key areas including fan design, development of the Fanwall or Fan Array Technology, low loss fan backdraft damper, fan balancing and isolation systems and active control of fan noise. Larry has been awarded over 20 patents for products used in the HVAC industry. Larry is a co-founder of OnFlow Systems.

Josh Foos has more than two decades of experience in the custom HVAC industry with Temtrol, Huntair and BASX. In each business Mr. Foos has led product development efforts in several key areas including fan design including fan arrays, backdraft damper design, air handler design and structural systems. His primary interests and focus is on R & D and Product development. Current designs include unit casing, access door and hardware, Fan Array, Back Draft Damper, Foam Presses, Injection molded plastics and Cast Stainless Steel parts. Josh is a co-founder of OnFlow Systems.

Earl Barfield has worked in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. Starting at Brod and McClung Pace Co as a designer and Sales application engineer. Mr. Barfield spent several years at Cleanpak International as a Project Manager responsible for large accounts including Hewlett Packard and Intel. Earl also worked at Basx Solutions where he was responsible for developing a computer aided air handler design program and an online fan selection program. Earl is a co-founder of OnFlow Systems.